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December 1st, 2009 | Posted by Bhavya Kapoor | See all posts by Bhavya Kapoor

The Bing community blog is picking up, Kudos to the eminent blogger from webmaster center team “Rick DeJarnette”, for putting up such nice write ups.

Yes, I am about to put forward my thoughts on the much hyped, yet appreciated blog post by Bing:

Bing - Link Building Methodology

Bing - Link Building Methodology

Well, in my opinion, “Market through Search” is a route taken up by every business on web today, in a hope to get that right traffic and since Google is one major traffic driving highway, a huge amount of link building is done following the Google prospect.

But what has easily been escaping everyone’s eye is what I intend to throw some light on! While, Google might be the bull of Search market, none can today deny the presence of other big search engines running tough to compete, with Bing being one of the toppers in the row!

For the first time, Bing has come out and spoken out loud about its expectations of link building process done by webmasters online. Bing’s formula for things to do and to avoid for effective link building is, unsurprisingly, similar to that advertised by Google with a point more or less different or new.

Now that is what all of us webmasters need to know about very well, don’t you think!? And hey, check this out: Bing too counts quality links as a priority when determining the ranking of a website.
Bing’s formula clearly goes on to say that expecting instant success and satisfaction is a wrong approach and that a continual efforts and creativity are the key elements to stick to.

In other words fellows, things to avoid while link building are basically a list of manipulating and violating elements that are often used to speed up as well as to influence the route for marketing, through search route. When your objective of link building is good and improved web ranking, Bing clearly says no to any hidden links used on a web page and linking to known spam sites.
And as if that wasn’t enough, Bing also rejects process of exchanging with bad web neighbors and paid link farms.

But believe it or not, I have to agree with Bing here now. Having inbound links from a relevant blog is good, while getting huge traffic of inbound links from unrelated and inappropriate sites or blogs is totally erroneous, just to get our website ranked high within a short time span, isn’t cool anymore (Ah, well, it won’t work either, anyways :) )!
And just so you know, in case you don’t agree to me, Bing holds a stern perspective towards those found violating and manipulating the link building codes for “Marketing through Search”.

If you need to know stuff that you should do, to get better rankings with Bing, read on…
- Bing favors the idea of publishing professional articles on web based article directories, as well as informative and useful, but to the point, online press releases.

- Creating a blog/forum on a website is always an added advantage to that business site, in terms of online marketing. -

- If you don’t have a blog on your website, you can always partake in other blogs/forums sharing information regarding your site or business.

- Bing expects you to stick to the theme, so I suggest it would be wiser to constrain to relevant blogs and forums only, as well as publish your business related articles only. Only by participating in and publishing the related blogs and information can you attract relevant media people, product reviewers, industry experts and bloggers.

- Notifying online users of new content through email newsletter is a right approach.

And lastly, going advanced by connecting to social networking sites is the new “must-to-do” approach to spread your website links.

Phew! These are what I call Bing’s formula to efficient and effective link building.  And believe it or not, I totally endorse it! 

I know what you guys must be thinking by now. You can’t find much difference between the approach or Google and Bing when it comes to Link Building, can you? You’re right! But although Bing has a simple formula for good link building which clearly resembles to what Google works on, I truly believe that with more and more Search Engines laying effective guidelines out-in-open, people like you and me would be better equipped to understand the pulse of Search Engines and achieve better web ranking systems for our clients.

Let me know what you think!

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